Meet the Team

We communicate directly with our authors throughout the publication process.
Mel Torrefranca
Founder & Editor
Mel is a digital entrepreneur and author from the San Francisco Bay Area with over three years of freelance editing experience. She founded Lost Island Press in 2020 after discovering her passion for publishing and marketing her debut novel LEAVING WISHVILLE. In her free time, Mel creates YouTube videos documenting her personal experiences.
John Hensley
Media Outreach
John has over twenty years of sales and marketing experience in the music, television, and finance industries. With his passion for communication, branding, and talent promotion, John increases the visibility of our authors and forms valuable connections. He is instrumental in developing and strengthening our brand at Lost Island Press.
Katie Flanagan
Katie is high school student with a passion for filming videos and writing fiction. Several literary magazines have published her work. She plays an important role behind the scenes of Lost Island Press by reviewing submissions, managing our social profiles, and providing input on new ideas. Katie is heavily involved in both our technical and creative project decisions.
Nora Sun
Nora Sun is a writer, graphic designer, and avid reader. She has over five years of experience creating book jackets for young adult authors, and she has drafted several novels and novellas. Nora manages our social profiles at Lost Island Press, promotes our authors, and markets our Lost Island Press book publications.
Ivan Cakic
Illustrator & Designer
Ivan has over 20 years of illustrating experience. He created Cakamura Designs in 2015 for his logo and book cover creation services. Since then, he's won over 100 online design contests and is now ranked as a top level designer on a popular freelance website.
Sowon Kim
Sowon Kim is a fourteen-year-old Korean aspiring author and translator who lives in Lima, Peru. She has three years of experience translating for medical and humanitarian aid campaigns. Apart from writing, Sowon enjoys swimming, reading, surfing, and learning foreign languages. She is currently working on her debut novel.
Zoe Anastasia
When she isn’t writing, Zoe Anastasia loves to travel and learn the history of cultures and time periods long ago. She finds inspiration in music, which has inspired characters and books. She also enjoys spending time camping and hiking in nature, and finding freedom from the fast-paced world to remember what truly matters. If you don’t remember anything else, remember that her favorite band is Twenty One Pilots.
Ratra Adya Airawan
Illustrator & Designer
Ratra Adya Airawan, also known as Aira Rumi, is an illustrator from Indonesia. He learned to draw during his time in high school and decided to hire himself out as a freelance illustrator in 2017. He likes to watch cartoons and was born on Valentine's Day.

Meet Our Consultants

We collaborate with an incredible group of creatives to bring your book's vision to life.
Brian McBride
Designer & Typesetter
A winner of the 2016 Wattys Award, the 2019 Eric Hoffer Award, and a Finalist in the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards, as well as a Readers’ Favorite 5 Star recipient, Brian was born and raised in the misty mountains of Oregon until he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area at 16 years old. He's been writing since he was thirteen years old and has been reading for longer. As an independent author and freelance designer, Brian strives to help new authors launch their careers by creating quality works of art that move people. He is passionate about the Hawaiian Islands, iced tea, animals, adoption, mental health, and the arts.
Michelle Argyle
Designer & Typesetter
Michelle has been designing for 20 years. She originally created Melissa Williams Design for a small publisher back in 2010. Since then, she has branched out to many other clients. Michelle believes your final product should be unique, just like you, so she ensures you get the best design for your book. Michelle lives in the Rocky Mountains, where she finds every excuse possible to go hiking and be outdoors.
Greg Simanson
Illustrator & Designer
Greg is a book cover designer and illustrator with over 300 covers to his credit. His covers have been bestsellers and award winners with both new and established authors. His favorite genres to work in include sci-fi, fantasy, dystopia and historical fiction. His background as an Art Director helps him envision the brand as well as the individual book cover, and he can therefore create cohesive and marketable series.