Model Contract

At Lost Island Press, we aim to make our publishing process transparent and fair. We invite you to read our summary table and model contract below.

RightsThe author grants Lost Island Press the exclusive right to publish, distribute, sell, and license their work in all formats, including print, ebooks, and audiobooks. The author retains the copyright to their work.
DurationThe publishing agreement lasts for the duration of the copyright term. Either party can terminate the agreement under certain conditions, such as breach of contract, bankruptcy, or mutual agreement.
PublicationBoth parties will collaborate closely throughout the editing process, and the author is responsible for making necessary revisions. Lost Island Press commits to publishing the book within twelve months after the final text is approved.
MarketingLost Island Press will make reasonable efforts to market the work, and the author agrees to participate in promotional activities.
RoyaltiesThe author receives 50% of net revenues from book and merchandise sales. Royalties are also provided for derivative works and licensing rights to third parties. Payments are made monthly.