Our Publishing Package

Our current publication fee is $1000.
This includes everything from editing and design to proofreading and distribution. Read a more in-depth review of our offerings below.

What We Offer

We offer one of the highest royalty rates in the hybrid publishing industry. As the author, you keep 80% of all net profit.

We provide final-stage copy editing or "stylistic editing." This focuses on increasing the flow and readability of your story.

Your novel will be proofread to meet professional standards: correcting typos, spelling & grammatical errors, etc.

You will receive at least 3 author testimonials for use on the back of your hardcover book and for marketing purposes.

We will guide you in crafting an enticing book blurb and author bio for the back cover.

We will decide on a reasonable price that offers maximum profit and book sales for your genre.

We publish in eBook, paperback, and hardcover with different-sized print copies for a fully professional set. We are proud to be one of the only hybrid publishers to offer a hardcover at no additional fee.

We will work with you and our designers one-on-one to create an eye-catching cover design that increases sales and captures your vision.

Your book will be formatted for desired readability in paperback (5.25x8) and hardcover (5.5x8.5) formats.

Your book will have a unique International Standard Book Number and barcode with embedded prices so that booksellers can find and order your book.

Your book will have a unique Library of Congress Control Number included on the copyright page of your novel, allowing libraries to stock it. We will send a copy of your book to the Library of Congress in Washington DC to complete the filing process.

You retain 100% of the rights to your book.

We will register your book with the US Copyright. This is important to protect your work.

Your eBook will be available for purchase worldwide through Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Nobles, Apple iBooks, and other online retailers.

Your paperback and hardcover books will be available for purchase worldwide to online retailers including Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

We will go through extra publishing steps to list your novel under Amazon’s maximum number of browsing categories for increased visibility.

Your paperback will be available for over 35,000 bookstores to stock via Ingram. (Note: this does not guarantee that bookstores will stock your novel.)

If at any time you would like to purchase copies of your book, you can do so at a 50% discount from list price.

We will feature your book on our book page with its blurb, testimonials, and links to purchase.

We will feature you on our author page with a headshot, bio, and social media links.

Are we the right fit for you?

Below is a comparison of Lost Island Press to alternative publishing options.

Traditional Publishing LOST ISLAND PRESS Self-Publishing
Creative Input in Design ✔ ✔
Control Over Final Story Decisions ✔ ✔
Access to 1-1 Guidance ✔
Offers an Advance ✔

Guarantees Industry-Standard Publishing ✔
Does Not Require an Agent
Author Receives Majority Royalties
✔ ✔
Does Not Require a Financial Investment ✔
Does Not Require a Steep Learning Curve
✔ ✔
Credibility of a Publishing House ✔ ✔

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you charge a fee for publication?
100% of our publication fee goes toward the publishing service we provide. The fee reduces our financial investment in the project, allowing us to take on riskier and more interesting book publications. We do not make money until you make money, so we truly want your book to succeed as much as you do!
What differentiates Lost Island Press from traditional publishing houses?
The main difference between traditional publishing and Lost Island Press is that we require a financial investment from our authors. Traditional publishers take on all financial risks and even offer authors an advance (pre-release payment based on estimated book sales).

Although Lost Island Press does not carry all of the financial risks of publishing, we work with our authors on obtaining the same industry standards to that of a traditional publishing house.
How does payment work?
We choose not to use tiered pricing packages because we believe all of our novels should meet equal quality standards. Every author receives the same flat fee per publication.

Payment is divided into three installments:
1) $200 deposit - paid before editing (Step 1)
2) $400 - paid before proofreading (Step 2)
3) $400 - paid before the design process (Step 3)

Invoices are sent and paid for through Paypal.
Do I need an agent to submit my manuscript?
No, you do not need an agent to submit your work to us. Please use our submissions page.
Are there any fees or hidden costs involved?
We are dedicated to price transparency and would never sneak in any hidden fees. Unless the author makes specific requests during the publication process (and gives informed consent to increase payment), the price is final.
Do you handle marketing?
No, we do not offer marketing services. Although we do our best to promote our published works, marketing is not our specialty and we cannot promise to significantly increase sales.
Do you sell books internationally?
Yes! Our novels are available worldwide through popular distributors like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, and more.
Do I need a large following to submit my manuscript?
We care more about the quality of our author's story than the number of followers they have on social media. If we enjoy a manuscript submitted to us, the author's following will not play a factor in our publication decision.
What kind of editing do you provide?
We offer final-stage copy editing services, also known as stylistic editing. This involves comments and suggestions to improve flow and readability. Unlike traditional publishers, our notes are merely suggestions and are not conditions for the author to follow in order to get published.

For the best results, it is helpful for the author to submit their manuscript to Lost Island Press in the most polished form they can achieve on their own. In many cases this involves a second set of eyes reviewing the story, whether that be a trusted friend, a group of devoted beta readers, or a professional developmental editor.
How long does publishing take?
Unless our processing times are affected by forces beyond our control, we guarantee publication within 12 months.
Still have questions? Send us an email: info@lostislandpress.com

Our Dedication to Quality Publications

At Lost Island Press, we use the best professional services we can at our price point, and we never cut corners. Maintaining a strong reputation in the industry is vital to develop lasting, long-term success for us and our authors.

Because of our dedication to publishing quality novels, we do not accept all submissions. Our team reviews each manuscript to determine whether its fit for our publishing house. If you have a middle grade or young adult story ready for publication, we'd love to take a look.

Ready to get published? Send us your story.