From Manuscript to Published Novel.


Step 1: Editing

first deposit is made
Before we start the proofreading process, we help the author ensure that the manuscript is ready to reach its final form. In most cases, this involves providing comments on parts we believe need the most work. Unlike traditional publishers, our notes are merely suggestions and are not conditions for the authors to follow in order to get published. Our goal is to improve flow rather than make major changes in plot or structure.

Once the text is ready, we send the book to proofreaders.

Step 2: Proofreading

second deposit is made
The novel is proofread by a team of professionals. It is important that at this stage, all structure and prose are final; no changes can be made following the proofreading process. Keep in mind that proofreading does not make writing changes to increase flow, but simply fixes basic grammatical and spelling errors.

Most of the time, proofreading catches all errors, but there is a possibility of minor typos slipping through. If you or anyone on our team notices any errors following the proofreading process, we will do our best to correct these before publication.

Step 3: Preparation

While the novel undergoes the proofreading process, we work with authors on writing, developing, and gathering the following information:
Book Matter
guidance and proofreading for the book blurb, short blurb, and author bio
provide and modify the copyright page for your needs
proofreading of your acknowledgments
help with gathering author testimonials for the hardcover's dust jacket

Meta Data
deciding on a publication date
determining the novel's target age range and reading level
developing BISAC + browse categories and keywords for online retail optimization

Step 4: Design

third deposit is made
The first step in the design process is the eBook cover. During this stage of design, we complete any unfinished information from Step 3.

Once the eBook cover is finished, the proofread files are sent to an interior designer. While waiting, we work with the author on the following:
  • choosing a pre-launch release date
  • gathering a group of advanced readers
  • creating an author page on Goodreads + Amazon (if not created already)

5. Distribution

Now that the interior design is complete and pages are finalized, we can now decide on retail pricing.

We set the book up for preorder on popular online retailer sites and make the book available to libraries and bookstores at a wholesale discount.

Once the book reaches its publication date, all preorders are fulfilled. The book is officially available to the public.
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