Cut Deck

Lone Player, Book 2

Launching in 24 days on July 10, 2024

Following the broadcast, as dark secrets come to light and alliances fracture, all players realize that survival is a game where winning demands sacrifice.

Julia Rosemary Turk

Julia Rosemary Turk is an author and artist based in Northern California. She loves all things creative, and she spends her days downing matcha lattes and writing stories. In addition to writing, Julia loves spending time with family, playing cozy games, and listening to indie rock. She's been battling chronic Lyme disease since childhood and considers her illness a crucial part of her identity.

In the aftermath of the broadcast, Eddie lives in hiding with a bounty on her head. She makes a secret deal with an Agent to uncover what happened to Ren.

Meanwhile, an Agent on the hunt for his brother’s killer crosses paths with a rebel who might have the answers he’s looking for…and another who wants to wear a suit himself.

As dark truths unravel and alliances waver, all players quickly learn that survival is not a game that can be won without sacrifice.


Lost Island Press

Publication Date

July 10, 2024


Ebook, Paperback, Hardcover

Cover Designer

MAD Book Covers


Gonzalo Mansilla


Mel Torrefranca

Recommended for Ages 12+

Cut Deck contains some mature themes, violence, and/or language.

No trigger warnings available.