A Belladonna Novella

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Uncover the shocking truth behind Maelin’s death through the eyes of a young Blimmery, long before his time as Nightshade Academy’s beloved instructor.

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Mel Torrefranca

Mel Torrefranca is a novelist from the San Francisco Bay Area, now residing in the jungly mountains of Northern Thailand. Her books feature morally gray characters, bold endings, and a pinch of awkward humor. Mel discovered her passion for writing at the age of seven and published her debut novel Leaving Wishville during high school. She also drinks way too many lattes.

For fans of the Belladonna trilogy and newcomers alike:

“My name is Blimmery Owding, and I dug Maelin’s grave.”

To salvage his family’s reputation, sixteen-year-old Blimmery joins the Empire’s military boarding school. There, he meets Maelin, a principled orphan, and Taig, her insufferable childhood friend.

Their fates entangle post-graduation, when Blimmery faces a problem—Maelin’s imminent demise. He teams up with Taig to save her, and the odd pair launches a mission that spirals into a night of total devastation.

Lost in the aftermath, Blimmery puts his life on the line to write a book. He titles it Maelin. And these are his words…


Lost Island Press



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May 11, 2024


Ebook, Paperback

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Natasha Orsh


Mel Torrefranca

I read this in one sitting and was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Abbey Heron ★★★★★

Maelin is a comedic tragedy and it hits the mark on both of those…allowing you to feel every aspect of the story—laughing one minute and sobbing the next. Ishana ★★★★★

This is the third book I’ve read by Torrefranca, and I truly enjoy her writing style. She is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine. Melanie Deal ★★★★★

This book was described as a comedic tragedy. And it’s a comedic tragedy to ITS CORE. Oh my word, the humor in this little novella was hilarious. Sophie H (SJRWrites) ★★★★★

There were so many times I was left speechless and wanted to cry with the characters, which, in my opinion, makes an incredible book! Whitney ★★★★★

Recommended for Ages 13+

Maelin contains some mature themes, violence, and/or language.

  • Attempted suicide
  • Torture and murder
  • Animal killings and experimentation
  • Fight scenes with descriptions of blood and injuries
  • Harsh disciplinary actions
  • Imprisonment and incarceration
  • Poison consumption
  • Mild profanity
  • Ritualistic branding of teenagers

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