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We work with authors through the editing, proofreading, design, and publishing of their middle grade and young adult novels.
Who we are.
Lost Island Press is a hybrid publishing house based in Northern California. We publish middle grade and young adult fiction for both new and established authors.
What we do.
We professionally publish novels in all three formats—eBook, paperback, and hardcover—through expanded distribution to online retailers, book stores, and libraries.
Why we do it.
Both traditional and self-publishing options come with their own challenges. We simplify the publishing process by offering our writers the best of both worlds.

Our Latest Publication.

LEAVING WISHVILLE is a fresh and imaginative debut, woven together with a haunting quietness that makes you eager to know what's hiding beneath the story's surface. Fans of THE GIVER will be immediately enraptured by the magical and mysterious world of Wishville.
– Abbie Emmons, Author of 100 DAYS OF SUNLIGHT


by Mel Torrefranca (February 8, 2020)

Ten years after his father's disappearance, 14-year-old Benji Marino plans to escape from town. With time against him, leaving Wishville might be his only chance for freedom — but it may also cost him his life.

A colorful and chilling debut, LEAVING WISHVILLE dives into a sea of forbidden curiosity, unavoidable grief, and the dangers of discovering the truth.

We design your publishing journey.

We share periodic feedback and advice on what the author can do to improve their social media, book sales, and personal branding.
We provide professional proofreading services to ensure the novel reaches its best form before publication.
Cover design
We work with professional designers to create an eye-catching, marketable design. Authors are given creative input and kept up-to-date throughout the process.
interior formatting
Our interior designers match the text formatting with the cover to create a cohesive, memorable design. The reader's experience is prioritized in all layout decisions.
We publish in eBook, paperback, and hardcover formats to online retailers through expanded distribution. Book stores and libraries also have the option to stock.
author community
At Lost Island Press, we connect authors within our community to lend each other support in marketing and promotion.

Let's make an awesome book together.

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