The Memory Jumper

2021 Lost Island Writing Contest Winner

Adelaide, an illegal Memory Jumper, lives in an underground safe house with a narcissistic mother who secretly exploits her mind-altering abilities for money.

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Amanda Michelle Brown

Amanda Michelle Brown is a blogger, author, podcaster, and graphic designer who loves nothing more than a BBC drama and an oat milk latte. Amanda wrote her first novel in middle school with a green pen (complete with illustrations). You can often find her planning her next crazy project, haunting libraries and thrift stores, or telling stories about her day that may be a little exaggerated.

For eighteen years, Adelaide has lived in an underground safe house.

Born with the power to manipulate minds, Memory Jumpers like Adelaide pose a threat to the kingdom, and individuals caught with this rare ability are killed immediately.

Although Adelaide dreams of traveling the world as an artist, a normal life is unattainable with her existence outlawed. To make a living, she must work underground with her narcissistic mother Fawn, selling illegal Memory Jumping services to desperate clients.

When Adelaide meets wannabe inventor Mason, he inspires her to leave the safe house and pursue her dreams despite the dangers that lurk on the surface. To find freedom, Adelaide must choose to be brave—but cutting her ties to Fawn may come at a heartbreaking cost.

Lost Island Writing Contest Winner, Amanda Michelle Brown, retells the classic Rapunzel story with a dark fantasy twist in her debut novel The Memory Jumper.


Lost Island Press



Publication Date

October 8, 2022


Ebook, Paperback, Hardcover

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Cover Designer

MAD Book Covers


Mel Torrefranca

Recommended for All Ages

The Memory Jumper contains mild thematic elements and/or minor language.

  • depression
  • narcissistic and controlling behavior
  • infidelity

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