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Leaving Wishville

by Mel Torrefranca

Published: February 8, 2020
Genre: Magical Realism, Mystery
Pages: 290
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ISBN 978-1734174519
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ISBN 978-1734174502 | 5.25 x 8
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ISBN 978-1734174526 | 5.5 x 8.5
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Ten years ago, Scott Marino disappeared from town without a trace.

His son Benji, now fourteen, is the only person daring enough to approach the border. Although his best friends are eager to help him move on, he can’t shake the feeling that his father is still out there.

Everyone in town says it’s impossible. They believe Scott’s disappearance proves the world outside of Wishville is unsurvivable, but he questions their reasoning.

When his friend’s sickly little sister claims to know what others don’t, Benji’s life is thrown into chaos. With time against him, and his curiosity stronger than ever, he knows what he must do. Leaving Wishville might be his only chance for freedom – but it may also cost him his life.

A colorful and chilling debut, LEAVING WISHVILLE dives into a sea of forbidden curiosity, unavoidable grief, and the dangers of discovering the truth.
Advanced Praise
“LEAVING WISHVILLE is a fresh and imaginative debut, woven together with a haunting quietness that makes you eager to know what's hiding beneath the story's surface. Fans of THE GIVER will be immediately enraptured by the magical and mysterious world of Wishville.” Abbie Emmons, author of 100 DAYS OF SUNLIGHT

“Torrefranca presents a gripping tale, complete with a compelling cast of characters. Her captivating use of language keeps the pages turning.” Erin Forbes, Bestselling Author of the FIRE & ICE Book Series

"Mel Torrefranca takes readers on a dark, twisted, adventurous and fun journey into the world of being a teenager in a place like Wishville. Packed with a rollercoaster of bittersweet feelings of emotions and excitement, this book is definitely a page turner!" Amina Mehmood, author of MIND, YOUR MIRROR

“A unique and refreshing take on a YA mystery that feels like a superior collaboration between Karen McManus and Neil Gaiman. Watch out for this author, I have a feeling this is the beginning of many more great stories to come.” Michael Evans, author of the CONSPIRACY CHRONICLES and CONTROL FREAKZ series
Featured Reviews
"Leaving Wishville will lead you into a middle grade/young adult adventure to savor." Melanie Weiss, author of SPOKEN, Amazon Review

"I must be honest and say I was a little apprehensive before I started reading this, but once I did start, I was completely hooked. Torrefranca's writing is beautifully lyrical, and the story is a compelling read. All in all, this made it a very hard book to put down!" Eleanor, Three Lonely Clouds.

"Montgomery High School can be very proud of this 17-year-old author. Mel Torrefranca is a talent from whom I hope we will receive many more literary gifts." K.M., Amazon Review


MEL TORREFRANCA is a YouTuber, novelist, and founder of Lost Island Press. When she isn’t writing young adult fiction, Mel enjoys video editing, photography, playing the guitar, and traveling. She is a lifelong San Francisco Bay native where she works during the day and nurses her latte obsession by night. More about Mel Torrefranca


Mel Torrefranca started writing her debut novel LEAVING WISHVILLE during November of her freshman year of high school. At the age of 17, Mel founded the publishing house Lost Island Press, making LEAVING WISHVILLE its first publication in February of 2020.


Publication Date February 8, 2020
Genre Magical Realism
Pages 290