My Brother’s Spare

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Valeria’s secret investigation to find her mother’s murderer pulls her into an alliance with Alias Black, the most infamous hitman in the kingdom.

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Shira Behore

Shira Behore is a young adult mystery and fantasy author from Central Florida. She first began stitching together worlds and characters at the age of eight and has been writing stories ever since. When Shira isn’t typing away on her laptop, she’s likely to be found buried in a book, working on a painting, or planning new videos for her YouTube channel. She can also be found obsessively scrolling through Google Flights, getting ready for her next adventure.

“To be eternally trapped in a dream or to never be able to dream at all. I wonder which would be more miserable.”

Valeria Anson has always been one in a set, her and her twin brother sharing everything from clothing and toys to their mother’s womb.

But the one thing they didn’t share was the searing image of their mother’s brutal murder, one that haunts Valeria every night without fail.

Almost a decade has passed since their mother’s untimely demise, and despite their father’s role as Viscount and Chief of the King’s Imperial Force, the masked killer has never been caught, still free to roam the snowy streets of Nieve.

Although her father and brother have given up hope of locking the killer behind bars, Valeria refuses to let the case go. But the road to the truth is a lofty one, her secret investigation leading her to Alias Black, the most infamous hitman in the kingdom. While associating with the dreaded killer goes against every one of her beliefs, the heartless assassin may be the key to finally tracking down the masked murderer that lurks in her dreams.

Lying to her family by day and working with Alias Black by night, Valeria must now walk the thin line between right and wrong, justice and revenge, dreams and reality. As the unlikely pair slowly crack the case, they unravel a truth they never could have imagined—not even in their darkest nightmares.

A heart-wrenching and thrilling debut, My Brother’s Spare weaves together fantasy and reality, trust and betrayal, and the twisted truth that lurks beneath every cobblestone.


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August 24, 2021


Ebook, Paperback, Hardcover

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“Behore has crafted a well-penned and intricate young adult mystery novel with all the makings of a massive hit.” Readers’ Favorite ★★★★★

“I started this book yesterday and tore through it, finishing in under 24 hours. This book has it all.” Merrit Townsend

“The writing is sharp, the humor is on point, and the themes are deep and powerful. It’s everything I could have hoped for.” N.J. Andrews

“This book made me tear up, made me giggle, gave me goosebumps countless times. This book made me scream! If you’re looking for a sign to read My Brother’s Spare…this is it.” Katie, Bookatiepillar

“I teared up during the last few chapters. So bittersweet and so good. If you’re a fan of Purple Hyacinth, shadowy mysteries, and sarcastic assassins, I would highly recommend this book!” Nicole Dust

“Phenomenal characters, great worldbuilding, and plot twists that can’t even compare to most I’ve read before.” Brian Goss, BrianTellsTales

Recommended for Ages 10+

My Brother’s Spare contains some mature themes and/or mild violence.

  • murder
  • blood and gore
  • detailed descriptions of injuries

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