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Coming July 10, 2021



by Mel Torrefranca


Seventeen months after the publication of her debut novel, LEAVING WISHVILLE, Mel is back with a new story. In her sci-fi thriller novel CAPSULE, Mel explores the validity of online friendships, morality on the Internet, and the debatable self-destructive nature of video games. Mel had a team of 47 beta readers provide feedback on her story in January to February of 2021 and is currently making revisions on her fourth draft in preparation to publish this summer.


Two students from Brookwood High School mysteriously go missing on the same night.

The first is Peter Moon, a heartless pescatarian who bashes students from Brookwood on his blog, turning everyone against him. The second is the adored Kat Pike, an audacious girl desperate to boost her adrenaline. Three days pass. No leads.

Indifferent to the disappearances, sixteen-year-old Jackie Mendoza remains immersed in her virtual world of video games and online friends.

When a menacing app by the name of Capsule downloads itself onto Jackie's phone, she enters a game interlaced with reality. A game threatening to erase Peter and Kat forever. Only Jackie can save them now—but Capsule is the most ruthless game she's ever played.

Mel Torrefranca delivers a heart-wrenching thriller about unlikely friendships, bittersweet memories, and a never-ending search for answers best left forgotten.


MEL TORREFRANCA is a YouTuber, novelist, and founder of Lost Island Press. When she isn’t writing young adult fiction, Mel enjoys video editing, photography, playing the guitar, and traveling. She is a lifelong San Francisco Bay native where she works during the day and nurses her latte obsession by night. More about Mel Torrefranca


Publication Date July 10, 2021
Genre Science Fiction, Thriller
Pages TBD