Cut Deck

Lone Player, Book 2

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When a Chaser attack forces Eddie out of hiding, she must navigate a treacherous deal with an Agent, risking everything she loves in a world where deception reins.

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Julia Rosemary Turk

Julia Rosemary Turk is an author and artist based in Northern California. She loves all things creative, and she spends her days downing matcha lattes and writing stories. In addition to writing, Julia loves spending time with family, playing cozy games, and listening to indie rock. She's been battling chronic Lyme disease since childhood and considers her illness a crucial part of her identity.

“I have no shortage of uncertainties, but there’s one thing I know for a fact: the Vermillion Keep is definitely haunted.”

In the aftermath of the broadcast, Eddie lives in a secluded Unseen community with a bounty on her head, unable to shake the haunting pain of losing Ren. Her life has been sliced to pieces and bandaged with hazy memories.

When a Chaser attack forces Eddie out of hiding, she stumbles into an Agent on a quest for answers. In exchange for her help, he offers something irresistible. Their secret deal could either turn her life around or leave everything she loves in ashes.

But Eddie’s not the only one with a secret. Every step the Unseen takes toward justice makes the Presidency retaliate stronger, and both sides begin to crack from within. Trust wanes on every front, forcing all players to face the consequences of their hidden motives. Can Eddie extinguish the blaze of deception, or will she fan the flames?

In this action-packed, romantic sequel, Julia Rosemary Turk deals another captivating hand in her world of cards. Cut Deck explores the path from trust to uncertainty, safety to terror, and sparks to an all-consuming fire.


Lost Island Press



Publication Date

July 8, 2024


Ebook, Paperback, Hardcover

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Cover Designer

MAD Book Covers


Gonzalo Mansilla


Mel Torrefranca

Recommended for Ages 13+

Cut Deck contains some mature themes, violence, and/or language.

  • Murder
  • Death by fire and poison
  • Graphic fight scenes
  • Torture
  • Animals killing animals
  • Slightly sexual scenes
  • Moderate profanity
  • Arson and theft

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