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When a menacing app called Capsule auto-installs onto Jackie’s phone, she enters a game interlaced with reality—a game threatening to kill.

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Mel Torrefranca

Mel Torrefranca is a novelist from the San Francisco Bay Area, now residing in the jungly mountains of Northern Thailand. Her books feature morally gray characters, bold endings, and a pinch of awkward humor. Mel discovered her passion for writing at the age of seven and published her debut novel Leaving Wishville during high school. She also drinks way too many lattes.

Two students from Brookwood High School mysteriously go missing on the same night.

The first is Peter Moon, a heartless pescatarian who bashes students from Brookwood on his blog, turning everyone against him. The second is the adored Kat Pike, an audacious girl desperate to boost her adrenaline. Three days pass. No leads.

Indifferent to the disappearances, sixteen-year-old Jackie Mendoza remains immersed in her virtual world of video games and online friends.

When a menacing app by the name of Capsule downloads itself onto Jackie’s phone, she enters a game interlaced with reality. A game threatening to erase Peter and Kat forever. Only Jackie can save them now—but Capsule is the most ruthless game she’s ever played.

Mel Torrefranca delivers a heart-wrenching thriller about unlikely friendships, bittersweet memories, and a never-ending search for answers best left forgotten.


Lost Island Press



Publication Date

July 10, 2021


Ebook, Paperback, Hardcover

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Ivan Cakic (Ivan Cakamura)


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Zoe Anastasia

“If you like thrillers with a dark writing style and amazing characters with very real flaws, consider picking this book up!” Nicole Dust

“Torrefranca has crafted a highly immersive and up-to-date work of fiction with plenty of techno twists and dangerous, exciting turns to offer its readers.” Readers’ Favorite ★★★★★

“With unique characters, highly emotional and thought-provoking moments, and an uncanny writing style that immediately grabs your attention, Capsule is already my number one new release of the year.” Noah Haist

“I am not exaggerating when I say that it’s easily one of the best books I’ve read yet. I simply cannot get over the impeccable writing style, the compelling and fresh narrative, and the dynamic characters….I cannot recommend Capsule enough!” Saumya Babbar

“I would 100% recommend this book to everyone, especially regular readers of thriller and contemporary.” Luis Rodrigues

“If you’re looking for a read to pull you in, and never quite let you go, try Capsule!” Sabrey Moiraine

Recommended for Ages 10+

Capsule contains some mature themes and/or mild violence.

  • death of a sibling
  • car crash; hit and run
  • shoplifting and joyriding
  • mild profanity
  • death threats
  • cyberbullying
  • themes of suicide
  • eating disorders
  • depression

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